Amazing Villa Design with Beautiful Sea & Mountain Panorama in Stoliv

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This villa design offers you a nice view of Adriatic Sea. Well, built by Enforma Studio, this villa might be a good choice for you who visit in Stoliv, Montenegro. Moreover, for you who want to grab some villa architecture inspiration, here we go, let’s take a look at this beautiful villa building!

The villa design floor plan has a simple mapping so the exterior lighting. The design of its shape is the key of this unique villa building on the hill of the Stoliv. It just has a crescent shape as the core main concept architecture. It sliced into three parts of the buildings, which separated with very nice wall architecture. From the outside, the interior looks exclusive and luxurious. There is some wall stone in a brown color that united with the nature environment around the villa. It just likes a big palace that stand on the hill of Stoliv. With a great and tough foundation, this villa gives its extravagant architecture for the eyesight.

This villa also has a nice porch that can use as the lounge space to enjoy to beautiful panorama of Adriatic Sea. The bonus is you can also see the mountain landscape on there. This is just perfect for they who want to take a relaxing moment. A fresh air and warm sunlight will make everything packed in one beautiful villa design. If you want more of excitement, then you can go inside the villa and meet all of the entertainment features inside there. The villa has a chill air, which very healthy for your mind. You will heal all the stress when you’re come and stay here.

Amazing, beautiful and artistic; these three words is good enough to describe this villa. With its strategic location, it makes the villa have an additional value as the home living. The scenery outside the villa also perfect for the vacation time. Grab these inspirations if you want to build same luxury villa concept. The house design floor plan will become a stunning and attractive if it united with the nature!

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