Brilliant Tiny House on an Austrian Hillside

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Built with only a limited amount of space and brilliant room organization, the tiny house Ufogel which sits on one of Austria’s East Tyrol hillside is able to fit all of the room necessities for a comfortable home living. The home which stands at a height of two stories and has the shape of a distorted pentagon is located only on a very small area of land. Nonetheless, this square plot of land does not deter architects to make use of it. They built the Ufogel and proved it to be an amazing trailer living experience.

Located on a hillside beside a large home, this small house is a unique sight that really stands out from the rest of the building structures in the area. Entirely geometrical, using birch wood siding, the home stands proud on the uneven land with an ample amount of dignity and pride. It even has its own gravel path and red stair to welcome guests and home owners alike. A cone shaped shed is built at the side of the house to obscure the homes main entrance as well as to give it some shading from the sun, the rain, or the snow.

Just like the exterior, the home interior is also made entirely of wood. White wood and metal finishing as furnishing is what’s making it. An addition of glass patio in the lounge area allows for a wonderful landscape to naturally garnish the house with an amazing living painting.

For such a small vacation house location, it is a great surprise that a kitchen, a dining area, a fire place area, a lounge, a bathroom, and two bedrooms are able to fit in here. For this to happen to comfortably, the organization must be superb. Well, it is! The kitchen, fireplace area, and dining space is of course located n the same area. At the end of this area, a stair leads up to the lounge area where two mattresses and multiples of cushions await. This lounge can even be used as a third bedroom. Above the lounge of this small cabin is where the master bedroom and second bedroom is built.

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