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Curb Side View Of Modern Tropical House With Warm Lighting

Charming Wooden House Sunset Terrace with Extensive Ceiling

When looking at the wooden house that s provided in this article we will get charming home nuance. The house is structured based on the need of having private residence that is comfortable. Hence, the house is surrounded by the existence of the high fences. The architect a_collective had designed this kind of house in Singapore. This private residence design is well known called as Sunset Terrace House. Now, its…

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Extraordinary Eco House In Japan With Rich Natural Sun Light In

Magic Cubic House with Floating Wall in Japan

It is time for the anti-mainstream home theme with the cubic house architecture. No one will imagine that the cubic house will have its literal definition of the âcubicâ until see this very unique shape of the house. Ryokuen No Su (Green Edge House) is one of the unique cubic houses that have a special look and design. It just likes a box fall from the sky! Okay, the main…

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Contemporary Hill House Design Surround With Open Landscape

Plush Private Residences with the Breathtaking Landscapes

Sited in Comporta, about 400 meters nearby the Pego Beach, Portugal, this plush private residence was designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto and has been accomplished in 2010. Named as Casa de Pego, this single floor residence was built to accommodate six inhabitants inside. This residence was constructed above the rises sand dunes to allow you enjoy the breathtaking landscapes surround this private area. This luxury villa is the appropriate retreat…

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Glass Roofing House Enterence For Efficient Energy House Design

Fabulous Contemporary Architecture Residence Built in Natural Theme

This contemporary architecture residence is named as the House G. It has been accomplished in 2008 by Dietger Wissounig Architekten, an Austrian architectural firm. Sited in Klagenfurt, Austria, this 1.884 square foot residency was intentionally built with the wheelchair accessible and the eco-friendly concept. The yard is surrounded by the nature hues of the riparian forest, garden, pool, wooden pathways, pebbles, grass yard, and plant fences. This contemporary architecture residence…

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Curtain Ideas For Large Windows Equipped By Corner Bench And Shelf Combined By Ideas For Mantles

Impressive Curtain Ideas for Large Windows in Beauty Design

To cover around the home interior design make curtain ideas for large windows for lovely residence. Curtains could protect the house from outside and keep the privacy the owner. Curtain also can prevent crime because valuable things of the house and not directly visible. Nice curtain make comfort living. Mix and match the curtain design with home decor. The curtains have different elements from material, color, and thickness. You need…

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Gorgeous Vacation House In Timraro With Waterfront House Design And Wood Cabin Surround With Natural Forest View

Enchanting Vacation House with the Spectacular Vistas

This enchanting vacation house is a project of Sandell Sandberg which has been accomplished in 2012. This private residence is sited in Sweden, precisely in Timraro, an island of the archipelagoes. The high construction up on the land will allow each spot of the house to enjoy the spectacular vistas of the lake. This vacation house design has a detail site plan which covers the guest house and sauna, basement,…

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Contemporary House With Hard Wood Flooring And Hall Library With Wood Ladder

Modern Contemporary Home with a Large Patio For Best Landscape Viewing

Designed for the best view of scenery, this contemporary home in Greenwich, Australia incorporates modernity into the 1940s structure. With floor to ceiling windows built on the first floor and a window walled patio, the home is able to oversee the landscape from the backyard. Yet the house is still ale to get ample privacy from the appliance of the wood window shutters that can be adjusted by turns alone….

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Beautiful Geometry House Architecture For Sun Lighting Using Curved Panoramic Glass Windows

Brilliant Tiny House on an Austrian Hillside

Built with only a limited amount of space and brilliant room organization, the tiny house Ufogel which sits on one of Austria’s East Tyrol hillside is able to fit all of the room necessities for a comfortable home living. The home which stands at a height of two stories and has the shape of a distorted pentagon is located only on a very small area of land. Nonetheless, this square…

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