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Minimalist House Interior With Wood Stairs And Light Wood Ceiling Also Glass Guards Staircase

Beautiful Contemporary Villa With Square Look

A contemporary villa is a great villa. As a weekend house, a villa must be designed beautifully to please the family. A contemporary design has beautiful display and suitable for a new villa. It is because a villa is an important place that is usually stayed in weekend or holiday. So, it is a must to create a comfortable villa to be stayed by the family. Contemporary design is a…

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Breezy And Peaceful Interior Design Using Glass Large Windows And Wood Floor Also Concrete Staircase

Wide Spacious Homes and Apartments Commercial Projects

There should be principally floor plans in wide spacious homes. Imagine a house with some large amount of spaces has not floor plans. What the worst will happen? The floor plans can come with open floor concept to accentuate the open personality of the owner or to give some free or roomy feeling for anyone who comes in. There‚Äôs another living alternative for couples with no kids yet. Spacious apartments…

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Cool Bedroom Design Ideas With Sofa Bed Design Ideas And Coffee Table Ideas Also Beautiful Wood Table Ideas And Natural Window Treatment Ideas Wood Floors Ideas

Transparent Cresta Home Design with Beautiful Views Facing on Sea

Beautiful view of sea is offered by this cresta home located in San Diego, California. Moreover, modern design that is built above the pool has many large rooms as they can make this place suitable as place to spend your holiday. The tap of the water found in the pool can also give relaxation to your tiring days. Wall glasses that are used in the whole wall of this house…

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Sloping Curb Side And Maple Wood Enterence And Maple Wood Screen For Blinds

Wonderful Open Plan House Applying Unusual Design In San Francisco

Today we are here to show you an open plan house constructed with unusual design. Fougeron Architecture has built 1532 House to meet the needs of having the exceptional house concept. This contemporary house is situated among some other houses in the vicinity. It is clearly seen that the facade of this house looks unusual from the others. Moreover, many advantages provided in this residence will be explained more with…

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Modern Open Living Room With Wicker Sofa And Dining Room With Modern Chandeliers And Pool View

Stunning Natural House Surrounding Green Atmosphere

A natural house is a pleasing place to be stayed in. To get this result, a house should be decorated with natural atmosphere and material used in the surface. It will be a great house that can be used as a private house. Natural concept will bring everyone to a fresh atmosphere. And, it can be sure that the house is very comfortable and enjoyable to be lived in. It…

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