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Openplan Living Room With Wide Glass Door And Ponds Also Open Green Lawn Decor

Beautiful Minimalist House Brings Simplicity in Modern Shape

Living in an amazing minimalist house like this will make you feel energized every day. Park+ Associates was creatively building this amazing residence in Singapore named 6 Mimosa Road. With clear design leaving the conventional house style, this house has amazing feature wrapped in a minimalist taste. Here are some pictures that we can see to look closer. Start from the exterior design, this minimalist house design has eye-catching house…

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Outdoor Shower Space With Glass Door Partition Is Awesome Design

Fascinating Natural Home Design in India Full of Peace and Serenity

Nowadays peoples love everything that have “natural’ world in it, from natural lifestyle into natural home design. It is not a bad thing actually in fact, it is a good thing for people to come back to nature, where they can feel the peacefulness of their life. A good natural home plan should able to heal your spirit, surrounded by plants and fresh air that able to increase the coziness…

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Lovely Dining Room With Glass Dining Table And Contemporary Dining Chairs And Cedar Wood Dining Interior Decor

Awesome Modern Residence with Unique Design

A modern residence is a dream house for everyone. It is because a residence is a big house that is built in large area. It can be sure the residence has complete facilities. The residence is a pleasure place to be stayed. So, it must be designed. It needs a great design for a beautiful residence in order to create a happy family when living in private residence. A comfortable…

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Modern Window Design And Hanging Roof Patio For Contemporary Home Decor

Lovely Luxury Residence With Beautiful Display

Living in a luxury residence is a big dream for everyone. A residence is a big house in large area. It will be an interesting and pleasure thing to be lived there. Nobody will not be interested in that beautiful living place. Usually, a residence is created beautifully with great design that is applied. It must be done because everyone needs to stay in a comfortable place. And the beautiful…

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Energy Efficient Using High Glass Windows For Bright Bedroom Combined With White Wall And White Bedding

Modern Contemporary Home with a Large Patio For Best Landscape Viewing

Designed for the best view of scenery, this contemporary home in Greenwich, Australia incorporates modernity into the 1940s structure. With floor to ceiling windows built on the first floor and a window walled patio, the home is able to oversee the landscape from the backyard. Yet the house is still ale to get ample privacy from the appliance of the wood window shutters that can be adjusted by turns alone….

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Cool Roof Pool Ideas With Frameless Glass Fencing And Wood Flooring Also Orange Sun Bathting Lounge Chairs

Plush Private Residences with the Breathtaking Landscapes

Sited in Comporta, about 400 meters nearby the Pego Beach, Portugal, this plush private residence was designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto and has been accomplished in 2010. Named as Casa de Pego, this single floor residence was built to accommodate six inhabitants inside. This residence was constructed above the rises sand dunes to allow you enjoy the breathtaking landscapes surround this private area. This luxury villa is the appropriate retreat…

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Beautiful Terrace Facing The Pool With Modern Terrace Furniture

Fabulous Minimalist House With White And Black Paint

A minimalist house is a very popular house concept nowadays. It is because it does not need a large area as its ground base. A minimalist style in a house needs a limited space. It is a great thing to be done to make the house livable for the family. It is because a house is an important place to be built as the living space. It must also be…

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Contemporary Eco Friendly House With Completely Wheelchair Accessible Design

Fabulous Contemporary Architecture Residence Built in Natural Theme

This contemporary architecture residence is named as the House G. It has been accomplished in 2008 by Dietger Wissounig Architekten, an Austrian architectural firm. Sited in Klagenfurt, Austria, this 1.884 square foot residency was intentionally built with the wheelchair accessible and the eco-friendly concept. The yard is surrounded by the nature hues of the riparian forest, garden, pool, wooden pathways, pebbles, grass yard, and plant fences. This contemporary architecture residence…

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