Classy Dark Interior and Décor Ideas for Your Homes

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Who says dark interior can always be spooky? It’s dead wrong. This term means the interior room with the appliance of dark colors (doesn’t always have to be black) both in paints or in furnishings. It turns out dark interior can create a classy style or deep impression with modern look.

If you’re interested in dark interior, first thing to do is formulating the design. This helps you in case you’ll be doing it wrong in the color scheme. Dark interior design can be done by yourself or you can consult the professional interior designer. If you eager to do it by your own, you can go to internet for inspirations. In here, I will help with some simple ideas of it that are affordable and doable by non professional hands.

In creating dark interior, the very first things that matter are the wall and the floor. These are really primary especially for a quite narrow space or not so wide room. Paint your walls with your favorite dark colors such as dark blue or dark grey or burgundy or anything. If your space is wide enough, you have two options, you can choose somewhat bright colors for your walls but not too bright and then apply the dark colors in furnishings, especially the big size ones like rugs, sofas, kitchen cabinets, doors, etc. Whatever it is, start with wall colors and floor colors consideration. It’s because walls stand surrounding the house and floors lay as the base which make them both as the margins of rooms. Due to these roles and positions, walls and floors projects the aura of the colors applied to them towards the entire room.

After you’re done with wall color ideas, you can continue to home decorations or furnishings. Adjust their future dark colors with those of the walls. You can make them similar or different. Anything as long as they match and support each other. Making them all black with a small touch of bright colors in some furniture for your dark home décor will be a simple and affordable idea and can create a classy impression.

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