Cozy Rustic Interior Design in Ecuador Modern House full of Warmness

Floo To Ceiling Glass Windows And Sliding Glass Door Also Wood Floor Is Perfect Interior Decor

Some peoples love rustic interior design for its warm and cozy appearance. The warmness is something that we need in home, especially when you live in an area with cold temperature, such as mountain or inside the Arctic Circle. For this reason, most mountain chalet for ski holiday use this interior design style for their building to make their guest feel comfortable in it. However, it doesn’t mean that the rustic design style is only can be used in mountain chalet or winter home. If you love traditional design, wooden material and the warm feeling in your home, the rustic style can be a good option for your home interior.

A good example about this comes from Valle de Los Chillos, Ecuador, particularly from a modern home entitled Los Chillos House. The house was designed by Diez+Muller Arquitectos in 2012, standing on 5920 square foot area of the steep sloping terrain on the valley. Surrounded by magnificent scenery of green lawn and forest, this modern house has a very good taste of natural design. The main building can be separated into two parts, the natural stone building as the foundation and the more modern glasses building on it. Each part has very nice rustic interior design styles in it, with cozy appearance that you can feel throughout the house.

The rustic design and modern style is combined perfectly in this home interior design, where the wooden or stone material and glasses overlapping each other. The rustic frame and the wooden furniture retains the rustic feeling which add some warm atmosphere to the home, especially in the large open-plan living room on the 2nd floor. The space is filled by wonderful furniture, such as the warm yellow sofa that faces the valley scenery through the large floor-to-ceiling window in front of it. Some indoor plantations freshen up the indoor scenery, while the glasses sliding door retains the spacious feel.

A unique feature of this house the wooden bridge enclosed in glasses fence which connect the home entry to the living space. This wooden/glass bridge blends well with the home design, and offers a good spot to enjoy the lawn scenery from the high. The wooden floor on the bridge delivers the rustic feel from the home interior, welcoming everyone to the warm interior in this home. So how do you think? Do you like these rustic interior design ideas for your home?

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