Crisp Modern Residence Design in Tollegno

Natural Dining Table With Natural Wall Accent And Black Pendant Lamp Also Neon Lighting Over The Dining Room

If modern is what you’re searching for, then Home in Tollegno by Gian Luca Bazzan is a crisp and clean example of a modern residence. Built in Tollegno, Italy and completed in 2013, the home is located on a wide area of grassland, fenced by a wall of greens. With a cube shape and location at the corner of the land, the home maintains the large grass area for outdoor activities.

Crisp and clean with perfect lines are the qualities that Italian architecture usually has. With its cube shape and neat design, the home satisfies the quality expectations with satisfaction. Two main colors are what’s making the home’s modern residence design. The first and primary cube of the building is the painted in white and adorned by small windows on its wall. The second cube which seems to wedge into the first traditional structure is of a more modern innovation built with stripy beige and large glass windows. Together, the two makes an interesting design.

Privacy has a lot of space in this house. On the first floor, though hard wood flooring to ceiling windows are built at its facade, adjustable window shutters are applied in front of every single one of it so that homeowners can control how much privacy they would let in. At the most, the amount of clear view these window shutters can give is equivalent to a foggy day. The usages of these shutters are continued even until the second floor throughout all of the house windows.

The interior of the home on the other, though still seeks privacy from one another, is a comfortable and warming living space. Wood, stone, concrete, and glass compliments one another with their distinct texture and similar color spectrum make the simple dining room perfect. Modernity, frugality, and some retro furnishing also decorate this residence design ideas a functional home decor.

Neat Hall With Wall Lighting And Grey Wood Decor

Smart Lights In Staircase Area Arrangement Using High Window And White Wall And Ceiling Paints

Ash Grey Wood Sliding Door And Ash Grey Wooden Wall

Ash Silvery Hardwood Flooring And Ash Silvery Hardwood Staircase Also Glass Guards For Modern House Design

Beautiful Dining Room With Simple Design Using Simple Wood Dining Table And Wood Bench Also Simple Dining Chairs Plu White Couch And Red Swivel Chairs

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