Extraordinary Exterior Terrace on the Roof with Redwood Design

Cool Garden With Lawn And Outdoor Patio Using Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

Redwood design with exterior terrace on the roof is one of the characters of the building in Tavonatti house. The other design is black wood decoration decorate all parts of first level of the house. If you look at the total design of this house, the design of this house is like two boxes that are piled to be one.

The upper floor has function as the main room of this house with terrace roof design in front of the rooms. It consist of seating place that has function as the living room facing directly to the ocean view in the outside of the house by placing it near the big window with some white curtain to cover the house from the heat and cool. Blue and white color of pillow applied in the room makes it refreshing view in the seating place. Moreover, some chairs that are made from rattan also give traditional accent in the room.

The next room is dinning room. This room is placed in front of the fireplace with chocolate color of the leather that decorates the chair. Green surface table that company the chair make an attractive view in this room. Traditional pattern of carpet in the color of chocolate creates a good combination with the color of the chair.

Open shelves storage as place to put many accessories also has function to decorate the wall in the second floor. Open shelves also used as the wall in the first floor by taking green plant or bamboo basket to make unique decoration in the house. This design of the shelves will be visible from the outside because it is applied glass window as the partition that divides the interior and the outside. In addition wooden sofa, chairs are also applied in first floor terrace. These terrace roof ideas are hopefully to be an inspiration to create beautiful roof terrace on the house.

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