Fabulous Box Home Design as Two Story House in Strathfield

Beautiful Modern Box House Design With Small Pool And Glass Fence And Green Lawn Backyard

Zouk Architects recently had designed a fabulous box home design in Strathfield, it is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The building is a kind of two story house in which they come with stunning building design. Yeah, the box volume building features in the first and second level. Moreover, the second building is designed as floating style. We the house completed in 2013 also have distinctive wall exterior design for the two levels.

The related pictures are right here. In this case, the first design comes with the house with porch design. There is a rectangular outdoor pool design with brown patterned ceramic deck. In one side of the porch, it is designed in lawn area with some tiles as pathways. There is a cutting edge staircase design in one side with the eclectic prefab wall design. When looking at the interior decoration, it looks so enchanting. The nuance offered is cream ambiance for the floor to ceiling design made form concrete. As we see in kitchen area, there is a wide kitchen with long cabinetry along the wall. There is also a set of kitchen island design with cream chairs.

Some other pictures are still here. The kitchen design is really enchanting with its big wardrobe idea behind the kitchen island. It comes with some doors and includes oven as appliances. It looks cozy to get the indoor staircase design. It comes with beams steps with high glass balustrade and steel handrails. It is designed in spacious area reaching the pace that has great hallway. Yeah, it comes with the glass room ideas. Here is an amazing indoor mini garden ideas in which it comes with the half circular floor with white gravel. There is a small bamboo plants with lights decorating.

Based on the design that is provided in this article, what do you think of them? It will be so great to get the volume home design right here. The exterior and interior design is designed in fabulous shades. Now, we can follow more box type house design photos in this further article.

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