Fabulous Contemporary Architecture Residence Built in Natural Theme

Bright Hall With Skylight Decor And Natural Wood Wall And Wall Decor For Modern Eco Friendly House Design

This contemporary architecture residence is named as the House G. It has been accomplished in 2008 by Dietger Wissounig Architekten, an Austrian architectural firm. Sited in Klagenfurt, Austria, this 1.884 square foot residency was intentionally built with the wheelchair accessible and the eco-friendly concept.

The yard is surrounded by the nature hues of the riparian forest, garden, pool, wooden pathways, pebbles, grass yard, and plant fences. This contemporary architecture residence optimizes the construction of the wheelchair accessible house idea. This environment is connected the structure which was crafted at the ground level and built from the inside part to the outside. You can reach the house, the weather protected and surrounding wind from the carport without any height distinction. You will see a veranda with some natural plants on pots to accentuate the natural ambience. Two woven chairs will accompany you to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes surround the residence.

The basic plan is to present a simple house which creates visual relationships and the closeness to the natural surround. Thus, this residency was built by using wooden panel in vertical formwork to bring the accent of the riparian forest. Let’s take a look into the kitchen. You can enjoy your cooking time by satisfied with the nature views that can be seen unabated from this culinary space. The large door will allow you to appreciate the riparian forest while you continue your cooking activities in the kitchen. Kitchen Island and furnishings appears in sleek and ergonomic way.

The living space appears in distinctive way by the use of red tone in a combination of white as the main backdrop in this house. Red carpet tries to bring compactness with the splash of red backdrop. Sleek built-in fireplace is made of marble brings warmness into the space, also small wood kitchen design is beautiful. White sofa will improve the inviting appeal and intimacy in this gathering spot. Having contemporary residential architects with the nature landscape surround will be a great idea for a balance life.

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