Fabulous Minimalist House With White And Black Paint

Relaxing Terrace With R Cool Roof View For Minimalist Two Story Home Design

A minimalist house is a very popular house concept nowadays. It is because it does not need a large area as its ground base. A minimalist style in a house needs a limited space. It is a great thing to be done to make the house livable for the family. It is because a house is an important place to be built as the living space. It must also be designed in beautiful and well planned concept. So, a minimalist design is a great solution to create a beautiful house with comfortable atmosphere inside.

There are many kinds of house design which, for example, is a minimalist house design. It is a beautiful example of a house design and which applies a brilliant idea. This design is also suitable with your own desire and taste. The example of interior design used in a house is applying a minimalist concept that explains the interior character of the house. It can be a great reference for everyone who wants to design their own house.

There is an example of house with minimalist concept design. It is located in Barcelona, Spain. This house is designed by Beta Office Architects. It has fabulous interior design. Actually, it is not a luxurious design but it looks so simple yet gorgeous. The most interesting thing in the house is the paint. White and black are applied as the basic color in the house interior tone. It looks so interesting in a house with minimalist concept. The house stands in a not very large area but it has complete rooms with two story floor plans. The small pool is created near the terrace. The building stands so strong and beautiful.

The house above is a great example of house with minimalist concept. It is very fabulous house design. It is proved that minimalist house design plans must be well prepared in the design and concept.

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