Magic Cubic House with Floating Wall in Japan

Modern Green House In Japan With Floating Wall Decor And Minimalist Garden

It is time for the anti-mainstream home theme with the cubic house architecture. No one will imagine that the cubic house will have its literal definition of the âcubicâ until see this very unique shape of the house. Ryokuen No Su (Green Edge House) is one of the unique cubic houses that have a special look and design. It just likes a box fall from the sky!

Okay, the main concept of this house theme is bringing the clarity on the architecture. You will see that from the outside, this house is just like a fence for the other building. Actually, it has a special floating wall that boundaries the interior design. The designer already told that with this kind of wall, it would avoid some vague domain of the environment. It has a special purpose to make some nice situation inside the house with the dashing fence. This cubic house design is brilliant. It just makes everyone who live there feel in such a comfort and safe situation.

The architecture of the building built in various standards dimension. This will make the house more ergonomic to use. Inside the house, everything looks bright with the all-white color painting. There are many flowers and plants collections inside the house. It just brings the nature into the house. With the some stone floor decoration, this house also becomes special in making such a nature house concept. The plants inside the house give a fresh and chill situation.

The transparent glass inside the house makes everything look in modern house style. A wooden floor also completes the perfection of this beautiful house. The floating wall allows the light comes inside freely to give an optimum lightning inside the house. Well, everything is just look simple, minimalist, and magic. Grab these cubic house plans as one of your dream home concept!

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