Modern Contemporary Home with a Large Patio For Best Landscape Viewing

Neat White Kitchen Design With Door Kitchen Cabinet And White Countertops Also With Stools

Designed for the best view of scenery, this contemporary home in Greenwich, Australia incorporates modernity into the 1940s structure. With floor to ceiling windows built on the first floor and a window walled patio, the home is able to oversee the landscape from the backyard. Yet the house is still ale to get ample privacy from the appliance of the wood window shutters that can be adjusted by turns alone.

VOLPATOHATZ has designed this house with the purpose of giving the owners the ability to enjoy the Australian scenery from their backyard without any intrusion. This is done by applying floor to ceiling windows on the second floor patio which overlooks the scenery from the backyard. To add a refreshing feel, a second floor garden is also built right beside the patio of this contemporary home design. Maintaining an open floor plan, space is a valuable feature to take interest of.

As opposed to the openness of the second floor, the first floor is bounded by a wall of adjustable wooden window shutters. The wooden structure, though by turn it could give the desired amount of privacy and view to the outside, gives the home an ample amount of privacy. Combined with the white interior of the house, the dark red wood presentation gives the home a functional decorative piece that also enhances the looks of the first floor garden area.

Another interesting feature that is adapted into the house is the glass ceiling work which allows for the entrance of sunlight into the home. On the second floor of this home, glass windows are placed at the high end at some of the walls. These high windows provide the home with natural lighting during the daytime. When the stars are out at night, it could even be used as a method of stargazing as well. For a contemporary room design, the addition of these windows allows for communication between the world outside and inside.

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