Nice Brick Wall Interior Design from an Old Factory Conversion Project

Wonderful House Exterior With Green Lawn And Outdoor Dining Area

Some people love to put a brick wall interior design in their home. It is just a lovely decoration both for interior or exterior, something that can evoke the rustic or industrial feeling in your home. Brick wall decoration can be used in any interior style, from traditional into modern home, and it is a good way to increase the value of your home interior. Just like this wonderful home in Biella, Italy, stands from an old building conversion project and retained the old brick wall of the original building to evoke an industrial feeling in the middle of this contemporary home design.

This project was commanded by Davide La Volpe Architect and finished in 2013. The original building is an old factory, complete with some factory structure including the anti-flame water tank, which was converted into a rooftop swimming pool. Almost whole old surface in this building is removed and covered by new contemporary paint, except for a long portion of wall next to the backyard. This exposed brick wall interior design is retained to give an industrial style feeling to the home interior. Inside, a large open space is available with contemporary interior style, offers a cozy retreat to relax a little bit in the middle of a busy day.

The living space is separated into two different parts, the family area and the dining area. The family area is cool and cozy with contemporary settee on it, offers a warm spot next to the fireplace. The dining area is located behind, with charming white dining set offers a good spot to enjoy the dinner with the whole family. The room is connected to the minimalist kitchen with a long corridor, decorated with some unique wooden bookshelves along of it. The kitchen itself is simple, clean and elegant, with the black countertop on the large island sink.

Outside, the wonderful green lawn is available as a place to play with kids or pets. A patio made from reclaimed wood stands in the middle of it, with an outdoor picnic table available on the top of it. The brick wall still can be seen from here, giving a rustic feel to the lawn as the identity of the original building. Beautiful, isn’t it? So, would you like to try the brick wall interior design ideas for your home?

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