Refreshing Home Renovation for A Worn Out Residence

Trantitional Interior With Different High Floors And Stairs

Worn homes do not always mean that it’s a bad residence; instead, it provides a foundation for a great home renovation to take place. Show that flair of age! In 2009, Anna Williamson Architect was called by a family of five to Menlo Park, California. They have just recently purchased a worn residence and fell in love with it. However, the overgrown shrubberies and greens and the home’s state at that moment make the house a giddy place to live in. A renovation that connects the outdoor and indoor design and refreshes the home is badly needed.

Novelty and old age grandeur is what this home protrudes at first sight. With its boxy hardwood, stone, glass, and concrete exterior, combined with the rugged and thick nature outside, the home is a remote novelty. In this home improvement, an addition of floor to ceiling windows and outdoor patios gives the home a connection of the outdoor and indoor. Stone paths, a small strip of plantation, and a pond adorn the house with an aesthetic nature. In the backyard, a swimming pool exists alongside the large yard of green grass with beautiful outdoor patio.

Further connection to nature is made inside by the appliance of a wooden floor into the home’s interior floor planning. Neutral wall colors also adorn the wall and allows for multiple kinds of furnishing to be placed inside. However, these furnishing are kept so by the owners to remain natural and corresponding to the nature outside.

Natural colored and wooden furnishing filled the house from the living room, the kitchen, into the bedrooms are modern vintage design. They are mostly dark in colors. It provides a sensation of nature to still exist in the house. There are some modern applications applied in the home improvement ideas and it is mostly located in the kitchen and bathroom where metal makes its presence.

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