Serene Family Cottage of Woodland Cedars with Captivating Landscape

Amazing Beautiful Natural Exterior Design Wood Cottage With Natural View

This fascinating family cottage named as Stealth Cabin is a residential project of Superkul Architects. The name chosen relates with the formal merger and material used in the project of this residence. Sited in Ontario nearby the Bracebridge, Canada, this private residency has been accomplished in 2011.

This cottage was intentionally built to create integration between the house and the natural landscapes surround which aiming to minimize the environmental effects. The client’s need was to realize a building with the traditional cabin with the contemporary accent. The use of sculptural wood continuously inspires the construction of this fascinating cottage with warmness in esthetic manner. The local carpentry has the economic value to press the cost in effective way. To achieve the intended purpose, this project applies the use of woodland cedars family cottage resort as the main material.

The extended use of cedar wood has been implied for both exterior and interiors decoration such as the ceilings, walls, exterior claddings, and roofs. Visual depth effect and interest has been successfully exuded by the textural and tonal differences of the siding and shakes. Doors and ample windows with the wood frames display the natural beauty of the lake to the south direction which provides you an access to the long deck of cedar wood. Recall the origin purpose of building this private residence, the shakes weather, untreated boards of cedar and bleach process over time, the cottage will merge and blend with the landscapes around in a natural way.

This cottage accommodates the living and dining spaces with the open plan concept, an indoor lounge, a home office, two bedrooms which consists of a master bedroom and kid bedroom. Some of the furnishings appear in traditions manner with its natural charm while the others are present in contemporary and ergonomic style such the living spaces and kitchen. This woodland cedars family cottage resort reviews will be an enlightening ideas to spend your tranquil vacation.

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