Wonderful Car Park House Surrounded by Stunning View

Car Park House Minimalist Hill House Plan

A car park house must be designed beautifully and creative. It means that a house with car park inside should be designed in the creative accent to improve the look of the house. It can be built under the house or beside the house. The design is suitable with your own desire and taste. It must be designed and well planned in order to create a beautiful house with great function of car park. Usually it is in a modern house or a residence. It can be built with creative idea in designing the car park.

The design of house with great car park inside must be designed beautifully. It is needed in a modern house. The car parking designs house is an important to be designed as well as possible. There are many example of the car park in the house that can be found in some sources that can be a great reference. The source is in an article that describes about interior design with a car park. It can help everyone who wants to design it in private house.

There is a great example of house with beautiful car park design. It can be found in a private residence in Los Angeles, USA. It is designed by Anonymous Architects. The house is really wonderful look. It is a private residence with modern design style used. Modern touch can be seen in using of modern furniture and modern material. It is designed wonderfully and beautifully indeed. The neutral color is painted in the house. It looks so clean and fresh design. Wooden floor is a comfortable material that is used in this wonderful house.

Besides, it is not only has great design in the house but also the stunning view can be felt in the house. It is because the house stands in high area, so it is easy to enjoy the stunning panoramic of the city with the car park on the upper floor. The car parking insides homes design will be an interesting design for a house.

Car Park House Sloping House Site Plan

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